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Dirty Purist Sample Pack

9 ratings

This pack with thousands of samples, is filled with the raw analog power of the Analog Rytm MKII, the gritty saturation of Analog Heat, conducted by myself into a new world of bass and space heavy dirtiness to enjoy.

I designed the samples with saturated and gritty bass sounds in mind. Even down to sub heavy. But there's also a fair deal of tonal and metallic hi-hat and cymbal like sounds to enjoy, as well as some precision engineered analog noise.

Please check out my demo videos above to get a feel for the sounds.

Much Love

It contains 10 folders

  • Raw Analog Rytm recordings (1000+ sounds)
  • Raw creative Analog Heat mangled (1000+ sounds)
  • Mastered sounds (1000+ sounds)
  • Mastered sounds in MONO (1000+ sounds)
  • Cuckoo's favourite selection (400+ sounds)
  • Octatrack slices pitched (21 files, 16-32 slices/ file)
  • Octatrack slices (3 files, 32 slices/ file)
  • OP-Z patches (4 drumkits, 40 synth sounds)
  • OP-1 patches (4 drumkits, 40 synth sounds)
  • OP-1 field patches (4 drumkits, 40 STEREO synth sounds)
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Thousands of gritty analog dirty percussive sounds for music making!

370 MB


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Dirty Purist Sample Pack

9 ratings
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