Magic Pianos

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This is the best piano pack that I have ever made!

This pack contains 3 different recordings of a peculiar little piano with 64 notes in range. One recording where I'm playing hard (forte), another recording playing soft (piano), and a third where I press the sustain pedal while playing each note for a massive resonance.  I also sampled 57 different spicy chords.


  • WAV files for any sampler or music software.
  • Ableton Live 11 Sampler instrument.
  • EXS Logic Pro Sampler compatible instrument.
  • Nord Library 3 for all Nord keyboards with samples.
  • OP-1 & OP-Z ready files with 19 different piano.
  • OP-1 field specific stereo files too.

The original samples are recorded with a long tail, as it should be with pianos. But sometimes you want to save space, so I’ve also made shortened versions of all of the samples.

I hope you find use for it in your music!



PS. If you have an earlier version of Ableton Live, please refer to the the video. There is a chapter where I'm explaining how to import the files into the Sampler instrument. It won't take too much time.
If you need earlier versions for older Nord Keyboards, the source files are supplied in the pack. Just open the Nord Sample Editor 4 files, set the desired output format to Nord Sample Library 2, 3 or 4, and export the sound again.

I want this!

Magical Piano samples ready to go for Ableton Live, OP-1, OP-Z, OP-1 field, Logic Pro, Nord Keyboards, Samplers

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Magic Pianos

10 ratings
I want this!