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I've sampled the raw tone and beautiful warmth of one of my favourite modular synthesisers, the Moog Matriarch with its unique stereo filters. And I've done it with keyboard players in mind. Instead of going all out experimental in modular land, I've crafted pure and serene tones to preserve that special vibe of this wonderful synth. Some with a little hint of whack.

The pack contains:

  • Stereo recordings, making use of that unique Moog stereo filter array.

  • 24 folders, most containing 4 octaves one sample per key recordings. Several variations in each folder, making it over 40 unique patches.

  • Ableton Live project with 24 Sampler patches ready to play.

  • There are over 40 patches for the OP-1 and OP-Z specifically.

  • Over 40 Nord Sample Library files. Source files included. Full size sample packs, as well as reduced file size versions with a third of the samples, for squeezing in a pack in tight memory situations.

All in all, I think this turned out one of those super useful packs with many very useful sounds for both bass, lead, chords and melodic use, as well as some on the little bit more experimental and whacky side.

I hope you'll find the pack useful, and that it can serve as an inspiration!



  • Warm and fuzzy analog samples.

  • Warm and fuzzy analog samples.


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Matriarchives Sample Pack

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