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I've updated the pack with the older, and more compatible NSMP (Nord Sampler 2) format, for compatibility with older Nord keyboards, such as:

Nord Electro 3-5, Nord Piano 2-3

Nord Stage 2-3, Nordwave (1)

In this pack I went all out and created very useful, and unique piano samples based on two of my favourite pianos. My own smaller upright with a nice allrounder sound, and a previous neighbour's larger upright with a beautiful, soft tone. At one occasion I recorded my own piano, prepared with duct tape giving it a really special drive.

The recording was just the starting point. I produced the pianos in different creative ways and came up with 10 different sounding pianos. Some rich in resonance tails. Some short and snappy. A few fluffy ones with a great deal of atmosphere. Some mixed way back in the background of a bigger room etc.

And for the OP-1 and OP-Z platform I came up with 16 different samples specifically produced for the tiny machines, with a more edgy, and dreamy quality, fit for the OP's.

Take a listen in the accompanying video above, and listen for yourself.

I wanted these to be useful on any platform, so I there's proper WAV directories of all of the sounds, for use in any hardware or software sampler, as well as EXS files for Logic Pro, a ready made Ableton Live project with all of the instruments in the Sampler format, OP-1, OP-Z, Nord Sample Library for use in the Nord Stage, Nord Electro, Nord Piano and the new Nordwave 2. There are also original presets specifically for the Nordwave 2.

I hope you like it, and put it to good use.




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