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This is a huge pack of over 300 wavetables for generic use!

Novation Peak and Summit

Over 100 wavetables are especially formatted to fit the Novation Peak and Summit's 256 samples resolution. For Novation's synths you can mix and match the wavetables using Novation's Component web app, but I've conveniently made 12 collections of wavetables that flow really well together for easy patching. Just load them in using Components. A user guide PDF is included in the download.

Just to be clear, on the Novation synths each wavetable oscillator is a collection of 5 wavetables. I’ve made 12 ready made wavetable oscillators for the Novation synths. But 12 x 5 = 60. So there are about 40 spare wavetables to choose from and mix and match. For instance the SID filter sweep Is recorded in smaller increments. Perhaps you want to go from a Megadrive wavetable to a NES triangle to a SID filtered pulse, to a sine wave? Well, you can quickly rearrange this in the Components web app yourself.

The Polyend Tracker

Polyend just released their new Tracker. It's a great hardware platform for making music with wavetables. It can play much greater resolution wavetables, up to 2048 samples in size. I've created over 20 collections of wavetables coming from the Sega Megadrive in various resolutions, ready to go for platforms like. Most of the collections are FM synthesis of 16 states of FM modulation over time. Great for getting that 16-bit era video game vibe!

But there are also sounds from the Nintendo 8-bit, and the famous SID chip in there. Going for that old school vibe :D

Samplers and wavetable software…

I'm using these mostly on wavetable synths, but they load just fine in any sampler supporting WAV format and single cycle waveforms, such as Digitakt, Octatrack, Model:Samples etc. Also if you're using software synths that can load external wavetables, I'm sure this will be a great resource!

I hope you’ll find stuff you like in this pack! I’ve worked on it really hard. Please check the attached video for a short demo of the pack.

Cheers, Cuckoo

  • Over 300 wavetables for generic use, Novation Peak and Summit, Polyend Tracker.

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    10 MB
  • Over 300 wavetables for generic use, Novation Peak and Summit, Polyend Tracker.
  • Size10 MB


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Wavetable Pack 1

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