300+ Wavetables for Novation Peak, Polyend Tracker, Digitakt, Samplers…


I've just completed work on a huge wavetable pack. It can be used with any device or software that plays wav files, but it really thrives on wavetable synths such as the Novation Peak and Summit and the new Polyend Tracker.

There's a huge focus on the Sega Megadrive here. I've created so many patches on the Megadrive, and made Wavetables that captures the evolution of that special video game FM synth vibe. But I've also captured sounds from the Nintendo 8-bit, the SID chip and some fun speech wavetables.

Please visit my store for more information, and for a short youtube demo of the sounds.

Cheers everyone for your support over the years!

Much love


More info in my store