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A little different release this time - Cuckoo piano sheet music

Hello there,

Cuckoo here. I hope you’re all doing well. Here’s a little different music release this time.

In 2020 I released an album called Not Pop, and the last track there was a very chill piano improvisation that I named “This is not effortless”. After thinking about it for over a year, I finally decided to transcribe that song into sheet music.

Since the song is an improvisation it was a little bit challenging to notate. Alternating between dotted notes and triplets, loose timing and rubato etc. I decided to stay as close to the performance as possible in the notation.

I think it’s very playable for anyone with a little more than complete beginner skills, but no need to be an advanced player at all. There are no difficult techniques required. The most challenging is probably to nail the timing, and the fact that there are no repeating patterns.

The pack includes the sheet music in PDF format, the WAV and MP3 files from the album version of the song, and also a very metronomic MIDI file of the song for reference.

If you like this song and you’d like to learn how to play it, or to improvise around it, or just study it, please have a look. There’s also a video where you can see me play the song, and have a listen yourself. Link below.

Cheers for the support over the years!

Much appreciated.

Stay curious everyone.

Kind regards


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