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Hello, new Cuckoo Digitone patch pack (+ samples)

Hi there,

I just released a brand new sound pack with 64 patches for the Elektron Digitone, with a focus on creating some great sounding kick drums, snare drums and hi-hats. There are plenty of tones in there too, but I'm actually really stoked about how I finally got my head around creating properly thumping kicks and snares in particular. Something that is know to be kinda difficult with FM synthesis.

Please head over to my store and check out the accompanying video to get a feel for the sounds. I also sampled the patches for all of you non Digitone people. Over 1000 samples, both stereo and mono, for your Octatrack, Model:Samples, Digitakt, 404 etc.

I hope you're having a nice day.


Check out pack here

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Transfer keeps giving me "Device failed with operation" with these .dnsnd files. I'm using Transfer and Digitone OS 1.31. Is there any way you could provide .sysx? It worked beautifully with your first Digitone pack. Thanks!

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