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My Best Piano Collection - Sample pack release

Hello there,

This is Cuckoo checking in. I just released my best piano sample pack to date. In the pack, there's WAV libraries, OP-1 and OP-Z files, Ableton Live and Logic Pro EXS files, Nord Sample Library files for all the Nord Keyboard platforms, and specifically patches made for the new Nord Wave 2.

I've worked reeeeally hard and produced 10 unique sets of piano samples to use in various ways. For the OP-1 and OP-Z platform I've made 16 specific samples, given the limitation of the platforms they needed special treatment. In the big pack there's two versions of my snappy Duct Taped piano. There's a more generic upright piano good for anything really. I've got short stacatto with a lot of resonance ringing out, that I'm personally using as a layer in many of my patches, to capture that certain resonance of an acoustic piano. There's a super fluffy atmospheric one mixed waaaay into the background. And a particularly pleasant one based on a piano I had access to 8 years ago, finally coming to fruition in this pack. And much more.

The link button below will take you to the pack in the store which also has a video where I'm going through the pack playing the different sounds.

Please take a listen! Thanks for the support over the years! 🙏🏼



Link to My Best Piano Pack

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